Question: Is Reliable Aid, Inc. (RAI) a legitimate company?

Answer: Yes. RAI is licensed by the State of Delaware Department of Health and Social Services: State ID# PASA - 052. The general “Licensing Requirements and Procedures” of the State of Delaware state that “no person shall establish, conduct or maintain in the State of Delaware any personal assistance services agency legitimately without first obtaining a license from the State of Delaware Department of Health and Social Services.

Question:  What does RAI do?

Answer: RAI is a Personal Assistance Service Agency (P.A.S.A.).

Question: What is a P.A.S.A.?

Answer: Personal Assistance Service Agencies are agencies that employ or contract with Direct Care Workers to provide personal assistance services to consumers primarily in his/her place of residence. P.A.S.A. provides support to persons with disabilities who need assistance with the functions of daily living, self-care or mobility.

Question: Who benefits from RAI’s personal services?

Answer: Our services have been designed to help any person who wishes to continue living independently throughout troubling times.

Question: What does RAI define as independence?

Answer: We define independence as thinking or acting for oneself.

Question: What does Personal Assistance Services mean?

Answer: It is the provision of services for compensation that do not require the judgment and skills of a licensed nurse or other professional. These services do not require physician's orders.

Question: So what kind of services can RAI provide?

Answer: Specific activities may include assistance with personal hygiene (for example, bathing or shaving), meal preparation, shopping, light housekeeping and other services. RAI also provides other specific supports which include help with activities such as dressing, transportation, communication or other related tasks.

Question: Does RAI care for clients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia?

Answer: Yes. Our role as care partner to Alzheimer’s and Dementia clients is an important one. We provide support and companionship to help them with the activities of daily living.